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Lost Volkswagen Car Keys

Replacement Volkswagen Keys

Volkswagen Auto LocksmithOur Auto Locksmith car is staffed with some of the most hard working and efficient locksmiths in the city, making it ready for your call day and night. Whether you have broken your keys or lost them, we have a solution for you.

Broken Keys in Cambridge are a menace; there is no denying it. However, at our Auto Locksmith shop, we take care of all kinds of problems, no matter if the key is bent, snapped or even cut in two. Our locksmiths can put almost anything back together, and if it is broken beyond a simple fix, we are happy to offer you a duplicate key as a replacement.

Our Replacement Keys are some of the best in quality and can be made according to the customer’s specifications. You cannot get better replacement keys in Cambridge than the keys you get from our shop. Lost keys in Cambridge are, therefore, not a problem for you anymore.
Transponder keys, however, need a bit more care before they are replaced. We are ready with the best programmers to program your transponder keys such that they respond to your car and do not cause any further trouble. Transponder Programming is an easy task for our programmers, who are more than willing to be of help to you.

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