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Auto Locksmith Huntingdon

Auto Locksmith Huntingdon

We at our Auto Locksmith shop in Huntingdon, Cambridge, are extremely dedicated to our craft and practice several services for our customer base. With a team of sincere and skilled locksmiths at your disposal, we are ready to come to your location at any time to fix your issue and help you get on your way.

We practice four mains services, namely cutting and making Replacement Keys for keys that have been lost or broken beyond repair, fixing Broken Keys, duplicating keys and programming transponder keys.

Replacement Keys
If your keys are lost, or you have broken them beyond repair, we can easily make you a new key which fits into the lock of your car. We can create replacement keys in Cambridge for several brands and models of cars, both foreign and local. If you wish to change your locks as well, we can create keys for locks as per your specifications.

In case you have lost one of your sets of keys, you can come to us for us to duplicate and replace your keys as well.

Lost Keys
If your keys have been stolen, we at our Auto Locksmith shop recommend reporting the loss to the police and changing your locks immediately to prevent any malicious activity. Our locksmiths are quite talented at changing locks as well as creating replacements for your lost keys in Cambridge.

Sometimes, people lock their keys inside their cars. In case this is the issue, our locksmiths would be happy to open your car door easily without damaging or scratching the car in any way for you to fetch your keys without incident.

Broken Keys
Broken keys can be a massive pain to deal with. However, give us a call, and we will come over to fix your broken keys for you. Bent, snapped or twisted, we will do our best to make broken keys in Cambridge as good as new, to best fit your car lock.

In case your key has snapped inside the car lock, never fear. Our skilled and dedicated locksmiths will quickly and easily fix the lock and either put your key back together or give you a replacement as soon as possible.

Programming Transponders
Transponder keys can be quite tricky to work with, as they can stop connecting to the car they respond to in case of a battery change of the car or damage to the key itself. It also makes making replacement keys for the car a pain, as the transponders in the keys have to be programmed to start the car.

Some of the best programmers in the country work with us to program your transponder keys quickly and promptly, and at much more economical prices than you would get going to your manufacturers or other independent programmers. Transponders programming in Cambridge is much simpler and easier on the wallet when you come to our Auto Locksmith shop.

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