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Auto Locksmith Histon

Auto Locksmith Histon

Our Locksmith shop provides all kinds of locksmith services: creation of duplicate keys, transponder keys programming, as well as replacing any broken or Lost Keys in Cambridge.

Working from Histon, Cambridge, we provide top notch facilities, and also have the option of coming to you as our customers are usually unable to visit our premises. Our locksmiths are all experienced and happy to help when called out to assist you outside our shop.

Replacement Keys
The locksmith shop based in the Histon area is a veteran at creating keys to replace the ones that have been lost, broken beyond repair and stolen. We provide the services of duplicating keys as well and are willing to do so if you have lost your keys or had it stolen.

Rather than wait for weeks for the new keys from the car manufacturers, you can get quick and responsive facilities from our Auto Locksmith service. The replacement keys can be made for several models of cars, and if you want to change your lock to fit a new replacement key for your car, the time we take to change the lock is one of the least in the city and is also set at an economical price.

Always focused on providing the best service possible for our customers, we can do the work without any damage to your vehicle such as scratches or marks in the area around it to maintain your car’s aesthetic look.

Lost Keys
It is always frustrating to lose your keys. If you had your key stolen or lost and wished to make Replacement Keys in Cambridge, our locksmiths can either replace your lock to fit a substitute key or create a custom made a key to fit the lock of the car. We recommend having the lock changed if your key has been stolen, for security purposes.

We are also experts at creating several add-ons for the key such as remote unlocking of the car and so on, which can be added to your substitute key according to your preferences.

Broken Keys
Keys that have been broken or jammed into locks can be easily fixed at our Locksmith shop in Histon. According to the specifications given by you and the damage done to the key itself, we can either create a new key that fits the lock of the car or fix the existing key and make it look like brand new. Broken Keys in Cambridge are usually salvageable for our locksmiths.

If the key is stuck in the lock of the car or has snapped with its blade inside the car’s lock, our locksmiths, who are happy to come to your location, can remove it in the least amount of time, and can put the key back together if it is safe to do so.

Programming Transponders
Transponder keys, the latest technology to prevent the stealing of cars by people who duplicate user’s keys, are notorious for losing signal and also for disconnecting from car that has had its battery changed, or when the key itself has been damaged.

As it does not allow the car to start until the transponder connects to the signal emitted by the car, a damaged transponder will not enable you to start your car.

We, at our Histon-based Automotive Locksmith shop, have the best locksmiths in Cambridge working on modifying transponders programming in Cambridge to help your car sync with the proper signal from your transponders without any problems.

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