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Auto Locksmith Girton

Auto Locksmith Girton

Our Auto Locksmith shop provides services in four main fields: providing Replacement Keys when the owners of the car have lost their own, fixing Broken Keys, creating duplicates as and when required and programming transponder keys.

Our Auto Locksmith shop is present in Girton, Cambridge, and we would happily send a worker to attend to your needs in person quickly and in a reasonable time, with the tools required to acknowledge and fix your issues.

Replacement Keys
Our Girton based Auto Locksmith shop creates and provides replacement keys for several models of cars, both foreign and local. Each of these keys is made to customer specifications.

Our locksmiths also provide expert service at changing or modifying locks to fit new keys and do their work without damaging the area around the car lock. Our replacement keys in Cambridge are always sturdy and resist an extraordinary amount of force, thereby not susceptible to breakage.

In case you have lost your set of keys and do not wish to change your car locks, we are always happy to create duplicate keys such that there is no chance of your being stranded without a key to open the car with.

Lost Keys
In case you have lost your keys, our locksmith can change the locks of your car and disable it from using the signal emitted by the previous key in case of remote controlling.

Using our professional locksmith services is much more economical than buying and reprogramming a new key in case of a lost one, and as we are present in Girton, Cambridge, locals can easily pop in and have their new keys made or locks changed.

Broken Keys
Broken keys in Cambridge are hard to deal with, as you do not wish to go through the hassle of buying and reprogramming new keys, but cannot use this broken one. However, at our Auto Locksmith shop, we can easily put your Broken Keys back together for an economical price.

We can fix your broken keys and make them just like brand new, or make you a replacement key that functions for the same lock as the broken key did.

In case you have locked your keys inside your car, if you call us in or wheel your car into our shop unit, we will easily and gently unlock the car without damaging the lock and return the key to you.

Transponder Programming
Transponder keys, the new addition to the technology of car security, are a security measure taken to ensure that nobody has made a duplicate of your key to unlocking the car with.

Keys that do not send out the correct signal when unlocking the car are not allowed to start the engine. Thus, these duplicate keys, while effective at opening the doors and trunk of the car, cannot start the car.

We at our Auto Locksmith shop have some of the best programmers working on making copies or replacements of transponder keys by Transponder Programming in Cambridge.

Transponder keys can stop connecting to or respond to the car’s signals in case of a battery change within the car or damage to the key itself. In cases like these, our programmers can reprogram your transponder key to align with the signal given out by the car.

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