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Auto Locksmith Ely

Auto Locksmith Ely

Known to be the best and most dedicated Auto Locksmith shops in Ely, our Auto Locksmith shop caters to all models and brands of cars, and provide four kinds of services to our customer base, consisting of creating duplicate keys, programming transponder keys, replacing Lost Keys and fixing Broken Keys.

Located in Ely, Cambridgeshire, as usually a customer is not able to come to our main store location, or is stranded a while away from our shop, our dedicated locksmiths are more than willing to come to them wherever they may be, with all the tools required to fix their problem.

Replacement Keys
Our Ely based Auto Locksmith shop offers a great variety of Replacement Keys in Cambridge for cars of several brands, models and countries to be custom made for our consumers, made exactly to your specifications.

In case you require a separate set of keys or have lost your set, you may come to us to duplicate an existing set or custom make one for the build of your car.

Lost Keys
If your keys have been stolen or anything of the sort, we at the Auto Locksmith shop recommend that you change your locks, and immediately, in order to prevent any future misfortunes.

Our locksmiths are quite skilled at changing locks quickly and smoothly, and make sure not to damage or scratch your car when you require a lock change or anything of the sort.

We also provide replacement keys, as detailed above, if you have lost your keys and cannot find them. If you have your keys locked inside your car, we can also open car doors quite easily to allow you to collect your keys. Thus, you do not have to worry about lost keys in Cambridge.

Broken Keys
Broken keys can be quite a menace, but we at Ely’s best Auto Locksmith shop are one of the best at fixing the problems created by broken keys in Cambridge.

In case the keys are not broken beyond repair, our locksmiths can put them back together for an economical price in no time. In case they are broken in a way that cannot have it put back together, we can custom make you a key to fit your lock.

Some people break keys while unlocking the lock on their car door. In case this happens to you, we can save your lock for about half the price the manufacturers would charge you for the same case, without scratching or otherwise damaging your car in any way.

Programming Transponders
Transponders, or the chips inside your keys created as a security measure to prevent illegal duplicates of your keys from being made, are quite a pain to reprogram, as they stop connecting to the signals given out by your car whenever there is a change in the battery or damage to the key itself.

At our Auto Locksmith shop, we host some of the best programmers in the city, all working on Transponder Programming in Cambridge to respond to the signals given out by the car. With a great response time and amazing quality, our programmers are doing their very best to make sure there are no complications in programming your transponder keys to suit your car.

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